About Dr. Trieu

Doctor Trieu

Dr. My Hanh Trieu completed her dental training at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1998.

Her philosophy is to provide personalized, gentle and comprehensive dental care. She listens to her patients’ concerns and patiently works with them to achieve a beautiful smile with healthy gums and teeth.

Dr. Trieu, with over 10 years of experience, offers you the best and newest techniques to serve your dental needs.


*American Dental Association ( ADA)
*California Dental Association (CDA)
*Sacramento District Dental Society

About Our Team

Our team members are reliable, friendly, well educated, and knowledgeable about every aspect of dentistry, from insurance issues to dental health to the latest in procedures and technology.

Perhaps most importantly, our team members are good communicators. And this means that not only do they provide you with lots of helpful information, but they also listen to you. They understand that effective communication is a two-way street and they enjoy getting to know each and everyone of our patients.

Perfect Smile Team